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A very young population: most Yemenis are under 15

Pyramids in the Middle East

Update: I wrote this post in February 2011,┬áduring the early stages of what came to be known as the Arab Spring. Much has happened in the region in the ensuing four years. Governments have been …
Phnom Penh traffic

Phnom Penh and Svay Rieng

March 8, 2009 When I first visited Cambodia in 2005, I did what most tourists here do. I flew in to Siem Reap, spent a couple of days touring the famous ancient temples at Angkor, …
Move over, Emma Lazarus

Move over, Emma Lazarus

In my last posting I mentioned that the US does not face the problems of a declining population confronting countries like Russia, Japan, and Italy. I noted that the US population is continuing to grow, …