Category: Poverty

Sleeping in a cart used for collecting recyclables (probably not just a nap; many collectors do most of their work at night.)

Phnom Penh’s informal recyclers

Some of Phnom Penh’s poorest residents make a living pushing their carts around the city’s streets, gathering soda cans, plastic bottles, and anything else they can sell for recycling. This short video shows some of …
Two small children, a girl on the left of the picture and a boy on the right, stand on the beach. It is dusk, and they are watching about eight (white) tourists climbing off an old wooden boat with an outboard motor. Slung over the girl's left shoulder is a plastic garbage bag. She is so small that the bag hands down to the level of her calves.

Confessions of a troubled traveler

Cambodia is a country of glaring inequalities.  There is certainly wealth here, though its existence is a lot more obvious than its dubious sources. Palatial homes of some of the country’s economic elite dot the …