A Snapshot of Doha

Doha, Qatar
January 13, 2008

Foreign workers, Doha International Airport, 1.30 am.

Citizens of Qatar make up a minority of the population of the country. Most residents are temporary foreign workers. Doha also serves as a transit point for temporary workers en route to and from other Gulf States, several of whom also count foreigners as the majority of their populations. In most cases, foreigners cannot become citizens. This prohibition also applies to the children born in Gulf States to foreign nationals.

Below is an article from en English language Qatar newspaper this morning. Above are some labor exports in transit at Doha International Airport at 1 am this morning.

From an English-language Gulf newspaper, today

Construction site and modern buildings Construction sites and modern buildings near my hotel in Doha. I couldn’t walk around and take pictures today because it was pouring with rain, a fairly rare event in these parts.

For some basic information on Qatar, see the BBC’s Country Profile, CIA World Factbook, and the New York Times.

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